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The most popular team sport, American football is often known as football in United States and gridiron outside. The game is played with an objective of advancing the ball towards the opposite team’s end zone by either carrying it or by throwing it to other teammate which is called running play or passing play respectively. When the time expires, the team with highest points is declared the winner. American football is also played outside United States. At national level and college level, American football is played in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Japan, Austria, Mexico, Israel, and other American, European, Asian, and pacific nations. For sports in all five continents, the International Federation of American Football acts as an international governing body.

The father of American football, Walter camp introduced many rules in American football as major divergences from rugby football. This game is played on 360 by 160 feet field where longer boundary lines are on the sides and shorter lines are on the ends. 100 yards apart are goal lines near each end of the field. The game begins with a toss coin to determine which team will kick off to begin the game and which goal the team has to defend. American football consists of a standard time limit of four 15 min quarters, with a 12 min half time intermission after second quarter.

The team taking possession of the ball gets four attempts to advance at least 10 yards towards their opposite teams’ end zone. The offense can maintain possession of the ball until and unless things occur like a team fails to get the first down, the offense scores a field goal, offense puts the ball to defense, defensive player catches a forward pass, and a defensive player misses a field goal attempt. UFABETคาสิโน

Basically football is an autumn sport as it begins in mid to late august and runs through December and January. Super bowl is often played in first weak of February and professional playoff runs through January. The term football is unambiguous in most of the parts of the world and is referred as association football or soccer in United States.

Football is always associated with large number of injuries like collision among players, head and neck injuries, and concussions. There is a great concern in training on making the muscles of neck very strong and tackling techniques. Protective clothing has become an essential feature of American football. It is ensured these days that players are aware of risks of heat strokes and ensure availability of drinking water to avoid dehydration.

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