Football, Football and More Football!


Well what happened to England?

After the previous winning ways a few friends and I decided to go to the pub for a change to watch the England v Russia game…Big mistake!

For a start, being slightly superstitious, I wasn’t too keen on going out to watch it, as I had previously hosted ‘Qualifying Parties’ at home. Secondly, the optimism and confidence of my fellow St. George acolytes was far too high for my liking….I had that sense of dread from the outset! แทงบอลได้กำไร

Starting with Lescott at left back confused me when Phil Neville (most underrated player of his generation!) was on the bench. Bringing Lampard on at all was a BIG mistake. And expecting SWP to be able to head or cross the ball was just sheer negligence!! And when are people, especially the England management, going to realise that Wayne Rooney is NOT an out and out striker but a world class attacking midfielder! Everyone expects the boy to get up and down the park but that is not a strikers job-he is much better, and happier, linking up with the front two. As plain as the nose on my face. I think I’ll apply for the England job when it comes up again! Maybe sooner rather than later!

Now I am not saying England will not qualify, it is just a shame that we have to depend on other results, and the mammoth task of beating Croatia first. Let’s not forget that fact. And if Gus Hiddink has anything to do with it can you see Israel getting any kind of result against Russia?
It is not all doom and gloom, the chance is still there, and I for one will be cheering on the boys until I’m hoarse!

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