NFL: Pete Morelli Should Have Upheld Troy Polamalu’s Interception


The NFL concedes that Pete Morelli committed an error of turning around the block attempt made my Troy Polamalu. This coming from Mike Pereira, the association’s VP of administering.

As per the authority, the standard of making a football move to build up a catch is possibly as a result in case contact is made with a guarded player. No one had contacted Troy Polamalu and there was a long sufficient measure of time set up to consider it a capture attempt. ดูหนังออนไลน์ ฟรี

I say the NFL isn’t doing what’s needed. There were a few different plays that the authorities ought to confess to bad behavior. The bogus beginning play where the two groups were drawn offsides and no call was made. The Steelers player jerked and in this way a bogus beginning ought to have been approached the Steelers however the authorities didn’t see a bogus beginning on the Steelers. On the off chance that this was the situation, they ought to have called the Colts offsides. In any case, they didn’t, they blew the call.

There was additionally a pass obstruction punishment that ought to have been called against the Colts yet was not. The NFL authorities cost the Steelers 3 focuses on that play.

There is an excessive amount of priority of disappointment with respect to their authorities that they need to begin making changes.

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