How is Hurricane Ike Affecting the Houston Texans?


“You endeavor to have the American dream, decent house, a vehicle, two canines and a feline. To see everything annihilated, is somewhat unsettling. Be that as it may, you had the opportunity to pick yourself back up.” expressed Texans protective tackle Travis Johnson. Whose house was annihilated in the average storm that happened on Saturday September 13, 2008. Johnson and his family needed to accept shelter in the wardrobe as their rooftop fell off and roof breakdown. You would figure he wouldn’t have the option to go to rehearse the next Tuesday after his house was obliterated. However, Travis Johnson has what you call boldness he’s not demoralized or occupied. He feels this is the thing that got him the house in any case and there’s nothing left but to continue on and be happy that he had the option to get out alive.

There were other Houston Texans players whose house was harm yet none were pretty much as awful as Travis Johnson. Cautious End Mario Williams shiny new Memorial-region home was slammed through by a pine and the top of his mom had taken off. You figure he would simply be troubled in the wake of having almost having everything demolished in his and his mom house however he actually has his confidence like Travis Johnson, you just had the chance to continue on. Proprietor of the Houston Texans Bob McNair was not rejected from being hit by storm Ike, he lost force and a portion of his old trees from his property were brushed away with the exception of a couple that arrived on his rooftop top. Nair expressed “The broadness of the tempest was just about as large as the territory of Texas. We’d experience nothing like this. We should simply tidy up flotsam and jetsam and fix our homes, yet individuals in Galveston and the Bolivar Peninsula took its brunt, they had individuals who had really lost their lives. Be that as it may, everybody has met up and like the well-known adage goes, you don’t see the value in the water until the well goes dry” วิเคราะห์ บา คา ร่า

Concerning Tight End Owen Daniels, whose house resembled a shelter for certain players likewise was confronted with several hits to his home. Daniels house endured with huge openings in his roof and demolished floor covering yet never lost power. “With my visitor room destroyed the main spot individuals could rest was on the sofas first floor” expressed Daniels. Daniels wasn’t the main player that asylum players whose has as endured in view of the aftereffect of the tempest. Recipient Andre Johnson and Backup Quarterback Sage Rosenfels likewise open their homes to shelter players. The players have been remaining nearby each other on the grounds that there’s nothing left but to help each other out in this period of scarcity.

As the days continue on and progress, the players have chatted with the New Orleans Saints who thoroughly understand being a tropical storm endurance. The Texans have asked the Saints how they keep on track realizing that everything is essentially gone and you need to start from the very beginning. Having the option to play, contemplating is your family going to be alright, and where will you revamp. These are what are going through these players minds yet as every one of them have said this is their work. Playing football is the thing that got them these enormous houses, vehicles, and other costly things, so essentially they must choose the option to continue on assuming they need to bring in their cash.

It is entirely momentous to perceive how these players have through this storm however I know one thing their happy is wasn’t nothing similar to Hurricane Katrina. Basically the Texans actually have a city to go to despite the fact that some of them might not have any power. The Texans have all met up to help each other through their time in need in light of the fact that nobody was saved during the tropical storm. Supplicates go out to the Texans and their family in addition to others who were influenced by Hurricane Ike. As a local of Texas I have never seen anything like this all my city got was downpour and I thank god that all we got however, as McNair expressed we were not hit as terrible as Galveston and Bolivar Peninsula who fundamentally lost everything in addition to lives. So this is a period for us to all meet up to show every one of the evacuees all the help we can by giving all that we can. I know going from one sanctuary to another is genuinely hard on every one of them in light of the fact that there is one thing that is going through their whole brain “There’s No Place like Home”

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