Five Little Known Facts About San Diego Chargers Great Charlie Joiner


The San Diego Chargers of the last part of the 1970’s and mid 1980’s were one of the seriously thrilling and fruitful groups of the time. They had a solid equipped quarterback in Dan Fouts and a lead trainer who re-imagined how groups would contemplate the passing game in Don Coryell. Another significant fixing was an incredible getting corps to get the ball. Wide recipient John Jefferson extended the field and Kellen Winslow reclassified the tight end position. Additionally a fundamental piece of that group was future Pro Football Hall of Fame part, Charlie Joiner.

Here is a glance at five obscure bits of trivia about this incredible San Diego Chargers player:

1 Hey Charlie, Go The Other Way!

As a wide recipient, it was not Charlie Joiner’s responsibility to run the ball. During the 1979 season however, Charlie Joiner conveyed the ball one time and lost 12 yards.

2 Give The Guy A Touchdown Already!

Charlie Joiner’s two greatest getting yards games were a 200 yard execution with the Bengals in 1975 and a 191 yard execution with the Chargers in 1981. an aggregate of 391 yards and he didn’t score one score in one or the other game. 7m

3 Quick, It’s The second Quarter… Toss It To Joiner!

Clearly, he and the groups he played for were best not long before halftime. A greater amount of his score gatherings came in the second quarter during his profession, 27 taking all things together, than in some other quarter of play.

4 Who Else Is Great?

Charlie Joiner had an incredible profession and in the end he was compensated by being initiated into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Four different players were accepted that year as well, they were Lou Creekmur, Dan Dierdorf, Joe Gibbs, and Mel Renfro.

5 Over Here Dan, Throw Me The Ball!

Joiner is best associated with his incredible years as an individual from the San Diego Chargers football crew. In this way, it shouldn’t be too astounding that Dan Fouts tossed more score passes to Charlie Joiner, an aggregate of 34, than some other quarterback in football.

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