The Winningest Quarterbacks in New York Jets Team History


The New York Jets have had a to some degree uneven ride during the set of experiences as an expert football crew. They haven’t generally had the best ability, yet in any event, when they did it for reasons unknown wouldn’t click for them. The group has faithful fans however and has shown extraordinary guarantee lately.

They began in the American Football League in 1960 as the New York Titans and had some troubling early seasons. Before the decade’s over they had stunned the world by prevailing upon Super Bowl III the vigorously preferred Baltimore Colts of the more settled National Football League. Twenty a few years of pointlessness would come next as the group was once in a while decent however usually wound up at or close to the lower part of the association rankings.

The mid 1990’s saw the group bounce back to some degree into a group that others would need to stress something like a smidgen. They set up some great seasons and had some great players, in any event, making it profound into the end of the season games now and again. Through that load of years, quarterbacks have assumed a huge part in the triumphs and disappointments of the group. Who however has wound up as the most dominating quarterbacks in New York Jets history? Here are the best three players in that classification.

1 – Joe Namath

Joe Namath emerged from the University of Alabama and carried prompt validity to the Jets of the mid 1960’s. He would later foresee the renowned surprise in Super Bowl III, in this way establishing himself as a legend and fan top choice. He left the Jets following the 1976 season with 60 profession triumphs as a starter. คาสิโนแนะนำ

2 – Ken O’Brien

Ken O’Brien went along during the 1980’s as a feature of that incredible quarterback draft that saw different Hall of Fame QBs get chosen. O’Brien set up some genuine respectable years, yet experienced having an absence of ability around him. He was a precise passer who made people around him look great. He played with the group from 1984 to 1992 and completed his profession with the Jets with 50 successes as a starter.

3 – Richard Todd

One more Alabama alum, Richard Todd was wanted to be the man that could supplant Joe Namath during the 1970’s. He really had an incredible arm and appeared to consistently get liberated from a weighty surge with perfect timing to dispose of the ball. Once more, this was a vacation for the Jets and albeit the quarterback was acceptable, the remainder of the group was a little ailing in the ability division. Todd played from 1976 to 1983 and got done with an aggregate of 42 successes.

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