Defending the Option With the 4-3 Defense


The cutting edge 4-3 Defense was initially planned by Jimmy Johnson and the Miami Hurricanes to stop the Wishbone Option that Barry Switzer was running in Oklahoma. The Miami 4-3 Defense, or 4-3 Over Defense, as it is known today, is one of the most mind-blowing protective fronts to attempt to stop the Option in football today.

The principle reason that the front is so acceptable against the Option is the unmistakable Option fits that are incorporated into the safeguard. Realizing who will be answerable for the Dive Back, Quarterback and Pitch Man on each Option play is significant to halting the offense.

The Dive Back

In the 4-3 Over Defense, the 4 Defensive Linemen and the Mike Linebacker will be removing the Dive Back. This might seem like pointless excess, however the Dive Back is the main individual who has players hindering explicitly for him. Every other person, the Quarterback and the Pitch Player, will be perusing and exploiting the protectors.

In the 4-3 Defense, the Mike Linebacker consistently keys the Dive Back. He is a 2-hole player, liable for Strong A Gap or Weak B Gap. However the Dive Back goes, the Mike Linebacker will fill hard toward that path. He is the hardest Linebacker utilized in the guard, due to the conflict he will be in with a fullback the entire night against power running match-ups.

The Defensive Ends will be the player that the Quarterback is perusing. In customary guards, he is relied upon to be a Quarterback player, since he is adjusted in the C Gap. พนันบอลที่ดีที่สุด

In the 4-3 Defense, the Defensive Ends are instructed to twist hard to within and handle the plunge back in case they are unblocked. They are instructed that being unblocked ought to be perused as “Flee” and the Defensive End needs to fly straight down the line of scrimmage, where he will crash the plunge back.

The Quarterback

The Quarterback will be represented by the Outside Linebackers, called the Sam (solid side) and Will (frail side). They will wind up on the Quarterback by playing out a hole trade with the Defensive Ends.

A hole trade implies that while at first the benefactor seems to have within hole, and the End have the external hole, when the play creates and the End is unblocked, his bowing run will place him in charge of within hole.

The Linebacker sees this, and expects this is on the grounds that it has been drilled hundreds or thousands of times, and fits to the outside of the Defensive End. Here he will remove the Quarterback, driving the pitch.

Shielding the Pitch Man

The 4-3 Defense consistently needs to drive the ball to the pitch. However long the ball is moving sideways, there is an opportunity to run it down with group speed.

At the point when the ball is pitched, there is consistently the chance of a mishandle also. Despite the fact that an ideal pitch can be amazingly risky if not shielded as expected, a terrible pitch can be sad for the offense.

The pitch will be safeguarded by the power player, or outside contain player. In the 4-3 Defense, which is a 2-High Safety Defense, this will either be the Cornerback (Cover 2) or the Safety (Cover 4 or Quarters).

The pitch is likewise going to be shielded by the other inside players perceiving that the ball has kept on moving horizontally, and seeking after to the football. The establishment of the 4-3 Defense is group speed. Group speed can overcome any Offense, and by getting your quickest players on the field and helping them to appropriately run the 4-3 Defense, you can stop the Option.

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