Umrbo Sign Football Kit Deal With Reborn New York Cosmos


25 years after their last appearance, the New York Cosmos Football (or ‘soccer’) group have been changed. Referred to for their wild character as a club they pulled in enormous names on and off the pitch, one such name is Pele, who has turned into the club’s privileged president.

In a new meeting with FourFourTwo magazine, Pele reviews the publicity encompassing the club, “When we began to win, we had a huge pack of names in the group: famous actors, sports stars, pop stars, government officials, craftsmen… Robert Redford, Muhammad Ali and Mick Jagger all came. Andy Warhol, Elton John, Henry Kissinger excessively every game, there was somebody there. It was fabulous.”

To commend their return, the first club’s unit provider Umbro has seared an arrangement to give something extraordinary. The new pack is a reasonable motivation of the firsts with a particular retro style however the assembling nature of an advanced unit. โปรโมชั่นUfabet

Umbro’s head advertising official Trevor Cairns clarifies his fervor, “Umrbo was an accomplice of the New York Cosmos during the 1970s when they were verifiably the world’s coolest football club”.

The restoration of the club was declared in August 2010, 33 years to the day of Pele’s last match with the club and of his vocation. The club isn’t simply dedicated to bringing back a once extraordinary football crew yet additionally assisting with working on the fate of football. The attention will be on huge interest in grassroots and youth football, with the arrangement of a world class preparing project and openings for capable young people.

The Club’s new unit is a reasonable retro plan, with unique shading and styling of the old rendition, however with an advanced cut. The unit is made out of an innovative polyester blend which diminishes overheating and wicks away sweat. It is marked down this season.

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