adiZero Prime – World’s Lightest Football Boots



The development to the uncontrollably mainstream F50 adiZero, the adiZero Prime set a silly new benchmark in lightweight execution footwear by destroying their more established models by a slight 20g. The undisputed Highest Scoring Boot of the World Cup the first adiZero was accessible in two distinctive material determinations, Leather and Synthetic – with the Synthetic adaptation of the spikes weighing in at a simple 165g.

The new adiZero Prime will be accessible in Synthetic, however has had a few extraordinary changes to bring it’s weight down to a simple 145g per boot. Incredibly, the adiZero wasn’t the lightest boot delivered last year, with German opponents Puma delivering the v1.10SL at 155g; however with the adiZero Primes, it unquestionably appears to be that the amazing Three Stripes of Adidas will take some moving from their new seat.


One reason behind this weight-drop is the new upper. Named the adiTwin Light, this recently planned material is selective to the adiZero Prime and is indeed a solitary layer manufactured for ideal solace, ball feel and, obviously, weight-decrease.

Next is the TPU base edge. We realize that Adidas are genuine enthusiasts of TPU, having utilized it in the first adiZeros interior help groups, and we see it again here as the dull shaded ‘edge’ over the soleplate and cry the upper.

ยูฟ่าเบท 44 This convenient element will remove the strain from the upper and casing (which – because of the powers applied during a match – are continually attempting to move in various ways) and result in a more tough, agreeable pair of football boots.

At last Adidas have likewise plainly investigated every possibility on the adiZero Prime, utilizing lightweight (and impenetrable!) Kevlar bands to guarantee that each and every milligram of superfluous weight has been shaved off these sharp looking football boots.


The primary concern of conflict for most football boots fans will be the expense. At £260/$400, these are the absolute most costly football boots that Adidas have at any point delivered.

Many fans actually weep over the £275 sticker price of the Mercurial Vapor Superfly II a year after it’s delivery, and many fans will see the £260 cost of the adiZero Prime as a move by Adidas to move their football boots into the equivalent ‘renowned’ value section that their American partners have made.

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