Ten Facts You Don’t Know About the Last Ten NCAA College Football National Champions


There are only a few sporting events that usher in the viewers, fans, and a spotlight that the school football National Championship Game does. After an extended season and watching teams move up and down the polls, most information about the eventual National Champions is widely known among college football fans. But, here are ten belongings you do not know about the last ten football National Champions.

1. 1998 Tennessee Volunteers – Tennessee had four running backs that saw significant carries during the season; Travis Henry ran the ball 195 times, Travis Stephens rushed 120 times, and Jamal Lewis carried the ball 73 times, but it had been Shawn Bryson who had the simplest per carry average when he averaged 8.63 yards per carry.

2. 1999 Florida State Seminoles – The FSU Seminoles of 1999 were the primary college eleven to start out the season ranked favorite , be ranked all throughout the season each and each week, then win the National Championship to secure their favorite ranking.

3. 2000 Oklahoma Sooners – back Quentin Griffin led the 2000 Oklahoma Sooners eleven in both rushing and receptions. His 51 receptions on the season was only one before teammate Antwone Savage’s 50 receptions.

4. 2001 Miami Hurricanes – The Miami Hurricanes of 2001 outscored their opponents by a mean of 32.9 points per game. supported this stat alone, many consider this team to be one among the simplest in college football history.

5. 2002 Ohio State Buckeyes – The Ohio State Buckeyes started the 2002 season off ranked 13th and that they were never ranked favorite within the nation until after their National Championship Game victory over the Miami Hurricanes within the Fiesta Bowl.

6. 2003 Louisiana State University Tigers – The 2003 LSU Tigers finished the season 13-1 and in their fourteen games they scored but twenty points only three times; once during a 17-10 convert Georgia, again in their only loss 19-7 at the hands of Florida, and eventually during a 17-14 victory over Ole Miss.

7. 2004 University of Southern California Trojans – When the 2004 USC Trojans defeated the Washington Huskies 38-0 to boost their record to 7-0, they ended the nation’s longest active streak of consecutive games without being exclude which had been held by the Huskies who hadn’t been exclude since 1981.

8. 2005 Texas Longhorns – The 2005 Texas Longhorns set the record for the most important margin of victory within the Big 12 Championship Game once they defeated the University of Colorado by a score of 70-3.

9. 2006 Florida Gators – The 2006 season was big by the numbers for the Florida Gators. สมัครslot online They not only won the National Championship, it had been the ten year anniversary of Florida’s first ever football national championship, and was also the 100 year anniversary of football being played at the University of Florida.

10. 2007 Louisiana State University Tigers – The LSU Tigers finished the 2007 season with a record of 12-2. Amazingly both of the team’s losses that year (to the University of Kentucky and to the University of Arkansas) came in games that weren’t decided until reaching triple overtime.

The National Champion of Division I college football will always be one among the more important titles won in American sports. The story told by college football teams as they navigate their regular season, their conference schedule, and their post season are often truly dramatic in nature. Once a team rises above the remainder to win the championship, looking back at the interesting road they took may be a large a part of the fun.

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